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Soil Specialization

Our Expertise

Quality Soil

At REMI, we pride ourselves on being a leading composting facility in Southern New Hampshire. We specialize in producing high-quality soil that is perfect for all your agricultural needs. Our team of experts has years of experience and can help you choose the right soil composition that suits your specific requirements. We use only the best materials and employ the latest techniques to produce soil that is rich in nutrients and free from harmful additives. Contact us today to learn more about our soil and how we can help you grow healthier crops.


Our composting process is second to none. We use a unique blend of materials and employ a scientific approach to create the perfect environment for the natural decomposition of organic matter. Our team of experts carefully monitors the process and makes adjustments as needed to ensure optimal conditions. The end result is nutrient-rich soil that can help improve soil fertility and promote plant growth. Contact us today to learn more about our composting process and how we can help you improve your soil quality.

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